Throwback Thursdays: 1993 Interbike

11 February, 2015

Pony tails, purple and turquoise lettering, rainbows, and sunset silhouettes.  Yep, feels like early to mid 90s to me.  Interbike comes, it goes, and in the process, we lose years of our lives.  One day at Interbike is greater than or equal to 500 in the real world.  But amidst the exhibition and trade show of accelerated aging, we get a chance to show off our coolest stuff.

Oftentimes, it rests within a see-through jewelry case, as seen through above.  Usually, there is some sort of ploy afoot, a lure to attract the weary, hard working bike shoppers, who most likely spent the last night working hard - practicing short, low-weight lifting exercises employing their right hand hoisting something not too heavy from just about chest heigh to head heigh.  As the night progresses, sometimes the lifting exercise doesn't quite make its way all the way to head height, this is usually toward the end of the night.

In this case, the lure is the lovely purple outlined, teal lettered STOP YOUR SQUEALING T-shirt seen proudly pinned to the front of the see through case in the opening picture.  Yes, the fanny packed man (he must be soooo Enduro breh) is signing some sort of form that may or may not allow him to get a STOP YOUR SQUEALING tee shirt.  

But, there are always other things to draw people's attention:

Is that a...? Yep, she is brandishing a side arm.  The Trail Boss even to seems to have a look of dismay from his vantage across the jewelry case.  Anything for a show right?  You can see GripMaster pads and anodized holders in the case, Goose Grease along with the Gooser, hubs, perhaps - though likely not, a King Grease Guard headset?  A lot of candy in there.

So here's to Interbike, to lost years of our lives, and to more candy displayed from the bike industry.  Long live Interbike.

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