Tomorrow's Shredders Learn from Today's Pros

20 January, 2015

Riding steep gnar is fun, even when you're not riding steep gnar. So why not practice for it? Jason graciously coaches proper descending technique. 

Jason Moeschler and Mark Weir just finished a weekend of helping coach a NorCal high school racing league skills clinic at Camp Tamarancho in Fairfax, CA.  Why?  Because they care.  The more youth on bikes, the more adults we have later advocating for trail access and bicycle communities.  The more parents we also have wanting a positive outlet for their kids - in favor of bikes and access for bikes.  Fostering future shredders today equates to a better tomorrow.  It is an infallible equation.

So what'd the future shredders learn?  Of course Team WTB instilled deep secrets of successful competition:

The Weir Scowl.  Competition is as much mental as it is physical.  Why not psych out your opponents with a fearsome look of watts and power?  Who better to learn from than master of the fierce himself, Mark Weir, strangely seen smiling in the background?

Things progressed on to dire essentials, like berm slashing, shown above.  I imagine the conversation went something like this "So, XC's fun and all and I'll tell you later how I drop Weir when he's being nasty, but let me first tell you a little something about apexing lovely sweeping berms, like this one here."

 There were also deep thoughts, careful rumination over what the day to day life of a professional mountain biker entails, as exemplified below:

Tomorrow's Shredder: So you're telling me that if I work hard, ride even harder, I don't have to shave every day and I get to have a sweet huge mustache like you?

Weir, musing: You have learned well, the opportunities are limitless.

There was thoughtful care as can't be avoided:

Jason Moeschler was on site to lend a hand when things got dicey practicing rolling over logs.  Some people can't help... but... help.

Probably most heartwarming of all was the understanding that this is only the beginning.  More generations will follow in the footsteps of these budding riders and racers.  Jason has been coaching since the league began hosting clinics, roughly around 2002.  22 girls showed up on Saturday and 31 boys Sunday.  14 outstanding coaches made it happen.

The next NorCal skills camp will be 2/7/15 at Camp Tamaracho Boy Scout Camp in Fairfax and is aimed at Intermediate and Advanced riders.

Got a son or daughter interested in honing in their skills?  Sign up your shredder HERE.

Here's to cycling's future and a HUGE thank you to all of those at the NorCal High School Cycling League!

Current shredders in the background, tomorrow's shredder in the foreground.  The NorCal kids were great at inspiring Jace to ditch his training wheels... we'll see if it actually happens.  Finger's crossed!
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