Ask Us Anything 1/22 on Pinkbike

16 January, 2015

Got a question about tubeless?

Want to know why we're so passionate about TCS?

Fine, want to make fun of Mark Weir?

Ah ha, got your attention.

Yes, this coming Thursday, 1/22 from 10AM - 12PM PST, you can itch all those petulant curiosities of yours regarding tubeless.  This is your bike.  This is your bike on tubeless.  Any questions?  Does tubeless make my bike look fat?  The opportunities are endless here people.

So, from 10 to 12 Pacific Time, zing your carefully formatted wonder at Chris Feucht (manager of new product development,) Jason Moeschler (global OEM sales manager,) or Mark Weir (tough guy, Team WTB.)  They'll get right back to ya - why not ask the pros?

Remember, Thursday 10 to 12.

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