Throwback Thursdays: 1987 Price List & Mailer

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I stumbled across this today, totally intact, haggard staple still holding pieces together along with another added to cobble more now to it.  The pages have an oh so nice aging color to them, I hoped the scan would translate the yellowed orange color.  Listed above you see the entire of WTB's product offerings for 1987.  You also see prices, not so worried about that, it's from 1987 and we're onto 2015 prices now.

What's fun to see is the 35 Locke Lane address in the top left.  That's about 2 or so blocks from where we sit right now, on the other side of the creek.  The penciled in phone number from 1988 is the best part - that's when WTB moved again to Corte Madera.  Same sheet, new location.  The Locke Lane address was Mark Slate's rented house, WTB resided in his garage.  Above, in the house, Joan, Mark's first wife, ran the books.  Listed right below here in the instructions for ordering you get a hint at this:

A series of printed pages stapled together, it was one of WTB's first catalogs.  It was simply folded in half, stamp applied, away it went:

We sit about two blocks from where WTB began - yes we have offices around the world, product development elsewhere, but we still love riding bikes and making better bike parts, that will never change.

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