Throwback Thursdays: Biopace... Ewwww

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It happened.  I can't believe it actually happened.  I swore it wouldn't.  It couldn't.  It shouldn't.  By what stroke of misunderstanding... by the Hammer of Thor.

BioPace is back, da na nun nun na naahh.

NooooOOOOOooooOOOOOooo you say.  But yes, dan nun nun na nahhhh.

You don't believe me, you must, behold:

It's green so that means it's cool this time.  You still don't believe me, I must have distorted the photo.  Fine, here's one you can't argue with:

Q Ring style too, made for the burgeoning fantasy racer boy segment.  Okay, more than enough trash talking on my part, that's a waste of a perfectly good idea repurposed again.  Apparently, round chainrings give you a dead spot, fewer watts bro, and though round, actually give you a less smooth pedal stroke.  There are claims of more traction and better looks too, in your kit that is...  That was more or less the premise of BioPace and it must still apparently hold true.  Where did this BioPace you speak of exist?  Well, here:

Yes, this lovely 1989 Kona Fire Mountain is from my absolutely rad KONA R.I.D.E. 2015 trip this past summer. Remember, the trip went like this:

There was also more beer, super rad bikes, humu-pump trackin', donette slammin', suggested tequila, curious outfits... man, still miss that trip.  Anyway, I guess the moral of this story is that if something originally is a good idea, like lots of the things covered in Throwback Thursdays - early monster cross and gravel tires, Grease Guard press-fit style bottom brackets, mutiple width saddle shapes, wider hubs... it comes back around again.  If it's a bad idea... I'm just kidding, BioPace must be a good idea, right?

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