Throwback Thursdays: 1999 WTB 3 Shell Sizing System

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Yesterday at Interbike we showed multi-width samples of our popular Rocket and Volt saddles.  Now, before anybody gets in a huff and accuses us of following trends, I'd like to draw his or her attention to the lovely informative piece from page 17 of our 1999 catalog, pictured above.  SST saddles were available in 3 different shells - a little different than purely widths, which we're doing again now with 142s and 150s added, but a similar line of thinking - like a shape, great, now choose a size.  Were we to convert to metric measurements, in 1999 a potential buyer could choose between a 130mm, roughly a 143, and a 149 and change.  So, don't get too beat up that we're doing multiple widths - it's a great thing, if the Rocket was too narrow, now it potentially isn't.  Same goes for the Volt, another favorite of many.

Enjoy our new widths - favorites, I dare say, could get... even more favorite.  I kid, I kid.  Check out new widths this fall as they become available and think back to WTB's 3 Shell Sizing System of 1999.

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