Throwback Thursdays: 1997 Bicycle Breakfast

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Annette Rose, Marin County District 3 Supervisor, mixed it up with the WTB boys for a fine, folding chair breakfast. L to R: Mark Weir, Chris Lawrence, Annette Rose, Tom DeLacy, Gary Gleason, Paul Moses, and Fred Falk.

WTB has believed in the world by bike for a long time - a lot longer than the currently trendy (though great, mind you) green is cool fad.  In 1997, $300 million was at stake for Marin County with Measures A and B, which if approved would have allocated $15 million to car-free, not to be confused with carefree, transportation (bike paths) stretching the entirety of the county.  So what did WTB do?  Invited a bunch of important people over, fed them breakfast, and attempted to win everyone over.

Bicycle parking, of course.

Resident cool guys Erik Koski and Chris Lawrence standing at the front greeting folks.

Talks led by important people like Marin County District 1 Supervisor John Kress letting it be known that bicycles are a viable form of transport.

Appearances by folks like Gary Fisher, right, and Dave House, left mixing it up with Joe Kott, Marin County's Transportation Coordinator

Cyclists getting their learn on.  WTB's President, Patrick Seidler reminding and elucidating that a world by bike makes for a happier and healthier place.

Fox News came a put a stern microphone in Otis Guy's face - didn't shake the man, he stayed cool and calm in his Shimano SPD sandals.

Steve Gravy Gravenites, bottom right, enjoyed a laugh alongside Joe Breeze and Marilyn Price. Amber Van Heel and Valerie Mizuhara of Channel 2 News at the time enjoyed it too.  All people who care deeply about bikes.

Tom DeLacy was seen standing in front of a sweet latish 90's Pontiac Sunfire with George Gumalinski of WTB's trading company at the time... and also seen talking to Marin District 4 Supervisor Steve Kinsey (now also the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Representative for Marin,) who also believed and believes in making things happen for bikes:

Paul Moses, Jason Woodward, the unnamed man, Mark Weir, and Steve Gravenites must be talking about how bikes are rad.

And in the end, Measures A and B didn't pass despite the valiant efforts of many of Marin County's greats coming together to speak on behalf of a better world led by bikes.  That didn't discourage nor short the efforts of those who care - in 2008 Measure Q passed attaining all that and more of what those hoped for in 1997.  WTB's cared about bicycles for a long time.

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