Throwback Thursdays: Roy Rivers 1986 Flume & Racing, So What?

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Racing - who cares, who doesn't?  Many have opinions and the debate apparently has been around for quite some time.  I just stopped through the front office, yes I must have been lost, and saw Jason Moeschler who seemingly just days ago was in South America racing.  Sure enough, he was back, never without ideas for product - there really is something that racing does to product development and feedback, hate it or love it.  Enjoy the following Editorial intro from Charles Kelly, in Volume 6, Number 4 (Sept-Oct '86) of Fat Tire Flyer his own super rad, original mountain bike magazine.  I had flipped it open to see if I could find more, having been tipped off to the great shot of Roy Rivers above from an all time shredder who's lived life the way it's meant to be lived.  Sure enough, I couldn't help but see Roy shredding towards me beneath Kelly's thoughtful words in what looks to be an Annadel Rockhopper of 1986 though I'm sure it could be a number of places.  Enjoy Kelly's ponderings, they easily transcend time, equally pertinent and at home today as in 1986.

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