The MutanoRaptors were amazing and so far ahead of their time, particularly the MutanoRaptor 2.4 Race tire.  In the words of the great Todd Franklin, they're "Light, fast, and big - three things you find individually but never together."  I'm sure I'm butchering poor Todd's elegant words, which he still proclaims, but there really is something to them.  At 600g for a lovely voluminous 2.4, they're light.  With Nano-inspired center tread, they're definitely fast, and with that shamelessly rounded profile, they're oh so beautifully big.  They're also incredibly predictable and consistent and yes, even sticky as the ad proclaims.  Compiled below are reviews that beam with pride and also display my guilty pleasure, inverted forks... I know they supposedly flex but they look so good and they're soooOOOOOOoo supple.  Sorry.  Enjoy the reviews and the time period, it was a good one - that Foes Fly was almost billed as a distance freeride bike - yup, send it over the long haul.  Better yet, send it all day.  Anyway, the Mutano ruled.  Might be time to go Internet on what's left of them...

Thowback Thursdays: 2002 MutanoRaptor Ad

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