Letter from Mark Weir to All:

19 February, 2014

Team WTB racer Marco Osborne standing next to the broken limb that pinned Mark Weir, breaking his pelvis in three places as well as his sacrum.  Photo Credit: Ben Cruz

Wanted to say THANKS to all you guys for all the support. The motivation it has brought I could not have done without you. 

Wanted to see if I could have some of this posted to say thanks to everyone for the support. If it's too cheesy sorry, those pain killers make me loopy. 

This is best news I have heard all week.

The Doc said the most worrisome thing is that I don’t fall again for at least 6 weeks. I have a fracture that goes into the spinal canal posteriorly and falling again would be really bad to say the least.  He said I can anticipate 8-12 weeks of gradually decreasing pain, but no outside activity for 6-8 weeks to lessen the chance of me hitting the dirt.

I’m lucky to have such good friends that did not drop me while hiking me off the mountain, if they did, this story might not have such a happy ending. 

The way we moved the tree might have been poorly thought out, thinking that manpower overcomes safety came at a price. I'm glad the price was not too heavy and I was the only one that physically felt the pain. I felt that because I have been moving and cutting trees off trails for years and years that I was smart enough to anticipate the future. I was wrong and I apologize to my friends for putting us all at risk. I ride bikes for a living, and just because I am in the trees all day does not mean I’m a professional tree removal specialist. Lesson learned never to be repeated.

Thanks you to everyone that has sent me kind words of encouragement. At times it has brought me to tears, but sometimes it’s made me laugh and that was real painful but worth it. My wife reads me the comments from people and it's hard to hear, feeling that whatever I have done during my time with this sport could not deserve this much love and support. You all have made me want to make sure I strive to be a better person - talking about off the bike mostly. 

Thanks to my good buddies that pulled my body off the hill and all the medical staff. 


Weir's buddies James, lower left, and Hot Rod, who helped carry Mark Weir to safety on the piece of plywood seen in the back of the pickup.  Hot Rod (Mike Rod) is talking to his buddy and neighbor Don Wehr while Bart, another friend, is in the background. Photo Credit: Ben Cruz

Thanks to my Family for so much support and my wife who has to be an angel sent just for me.

Can't wait to be back in the trees and riding again. I’ll see you all real soon.

Mark Weir

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