Throwback Thursdays: Weir Shredding, 1999

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Mark Weir is recovering from a serious injury involving an Oak tree limb falling, pinning him down, breaking his pelvis in 3 places as well as breaking his sacrum.  So, I've dug up some embarrassing photos of him from 1999 since it's harder for him to move quickly and hit me in the face, being pretty much immobile.  Just kidding, they're rad shots of Weir doing what Weir does best, absolutely shredding.  In the picture above, it could even be argued that he's smiling.  The lovely shots were taken by Joe Brook and in 1999, his photography service phone number was 415-885-5990 just in case you like what you see.  Who knows, the number may still work.  Enjoy the photos and here's to a quick recovery to the #1 Shredder.

Weir's wrestling match with trees has been long lived - look at this one in the foreground, just mocking him, downright shameful.

That's alright, most trees can't keep up with the man whose WTB business card title reads "Tough Guy."  Lots of suspension aboard this hustling Karpiel from 1999.


Then he's gone, just like that.  This is the view some riders are lucky enough to see in a fleeting moment, Weir departing quickly down the trail.  Here's to a speedy recovery to Mark Weir!  Love, WTB.
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