Throwback Thursdays: Evil Peter and the Angel Island Derby

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The Derby is a big part of Marin mountain biking history.  Many refer to derby now as foot down.  Regardless of what you call it, those clunking were messing with each other early on in Marin trying to get people to put their foot down in an anything goes state of mischief.  Plenty of WTB family have been part of these and continue to be part of them.  The Evil Peter that Lexie is referring to is Peter Brooks, a Marin original clunker who was part of the first crews to make it out on Pearl Pass Ride pilgrimages.  Lexie is a young girl, a small child seen in the lower left of the pictures below that apparently Evil Peter Brooks couldn't help but force to foot down.  Those familiar with Peter Brooks think of this act as par for the course for Mr. Brooks.  The shots below are from a 2007 Derby at Angel Island.  The Derby lives on, original clunkers still much apart of it.

It starts like this....

and ends like this.  Lexie is ruminating over Evil Peter in this picture.  Angel Island Derby, 2007.
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