WTB TerraAssassin Inspires Plus-Size Confidence in the Muck

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MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – As pioneers of the plus-size movement, WTB continues their commitment to innovation by introducing the first ever plus-size mud spike, the WTB TerraAssassin. The TerraAssassin 3.0 27.5” is designed for long days ripping soaked trails where plus-size benefits keep the trails intact as the tall, toothy knobs are needed to dredge through a steady flow of trail gravy. Bottom line, the TerraAssassin is the hard-charging, brown pow slinging, plus-size dagger needed to complete any tire quiver.

Last year, Jason Moeschler used the previously competent Warden 2.3 27.5” to combat oppressive mud during day one of the Dirty Sanchez Enduro, though he finished wanting even more traction. “Sure, the Warden 2.3 hooked up like Velcro, but I still found myself wanting more,” stated Moeschler. “In that moment, it was immediately clear the higher volume, greater contact patch and increased compliance of plus-size tires were the solution to riding slop without any flop. In hindsight, we’ve realized we designed our tires in expectation of a 15-year drought, but we simply can’t count on it. We feel the plus-size mud spike has filled the final hole in our line of tires. The confidence it inspires on loose, muddy courses has even left me considering getting back into racing.”

While many riders will likely request a 2.8” version, WTB has done extensive testing on sloppy trails, through seemingly endless downpours, to confirm that a greater traction coefficient is found within the sloppy, top layer of mud compared to the unyielding earth a narrower spike would dig into below the surface. Extra wide and overly supportive, the contact patch of the WTB TerraAssassin essentially keeps the tire afloat through rivers of trail, which allows just the tips of the spikes to penetrate the initial layer of sludge.

The WTB TerraAssassin features WTB’s sealant-optimized Lightweight Casing and Dual Compound DNA Rubber, with an MSRP of $74.95. Pre-production, post-mud samples of the TerraAssassin have been weighed at 1278 grams each, providing next level mud control in a relatively fast rolling design. While the TerraAssassin will be available TCS tubeless as an OEM model, it will only be available aftermarket with a wire bead, as riders who choose the TerraAssassin will likely choose to run a tube as well. TerraAssassin 3.0 27.5” TCS Light: High Grip tires are currently available and shipping from WTB, though the unseasonable amount of local precipitation will likely leave them backordered until La Nina settles upon the West Coast.

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