Throwback Thursdays: 1980 5th Annual Pearl Pass Ride

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1980 is before WTB's official time because WTB was founded in 1982.  However, there are plenty of soon to be WTB characters in these fun videos.  Matt, Hebberd, WTB Employee #1, is the one shamelessly pulling wheelies on his Colson in the beginning.  Mark Slate is circling behind the blond lady, Amie, Slate's ex-wife, a 0:32 seconds.  Fred Falk was there but not being one for the cameras, he's not to be seen.  He does remember that there were eight kegs of Watneys beer cooling in the creek where they camped.  Which, call me crazy, but these Pearl Pass rides must be one of the earlier bikepacking forays.  Also, you see plenty of other legends in this - Fisher's easy to see, Charlie Kelly is the one explaining the technologically advanced mountain bike at the 2 minute mark, Scott Nicol is the one juggling after Peter Brooks and the blond haired guy are derbying (at the time a very Marin thing to do) and Hebberd wheelies, and Wende Cragg is seen at 2:32, pretty real.

Of the soon to be WTB crew in this one, there's an honorable sighting of the Skid Lid Kid at 1:37, sporting the first mountain bike helmet ever, there's Eric Koski at 1:56 - as Fred said, "You can recognize those shorts anywhere," and at 2:16 there's Charlie Cunningham's 24 pound mountain bike, a solid 10 pounds lighter than anyone else's bike in the video.  Towards the end, you've got Hebberd talking about no flats, no worries at 6:26 - he also did this the year before, when he was only 16, Mark Horrowitz describes all the huge, crazy rocks at 6:37 - he was the Junior Nationals Champion in road cycling and pedaled a Koski Trail Master around Marin delivering Wildwood Natural Foods, and there's Steve Potts, lying down in the revelry of the ride at 7:33 at the end.  Fred remembers crashing into Joe Breeze as the two were "dicing it up on the descent" though both made it out unscathed.  It's pretty tough to think that life can get much better than the good times had in these two videos.

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