Throwback Thursdays: 1985 NORBA Championships, Team WTB SunTour, Santa Barbara CA

12 December, 2013

Team WTB SunTour rider Casey Kunselman rocking a WTB Modified Drop Bar, WTB Toe Flips, WTB Grease Guard Roller Cam Brakes, WTB Grease Guard Hubs, and Ground Control tires (designed by WTB) among other WTB-related goodies.

1985 was a great year for WTB.  4 out of the top 10 finishing placers were held by WTB SunTour racers at NORBA Championships held September 29th in Santa Barbara.  In a fateful showdown, Joe Murray passed WTB SunTour racer and Marin local Roy Rivers on the eighth lap - there were ten laps total, securing first for Murray and second for Rivers.

WTB SunTour Racer Roy Rivers, throwing down.  Roy held the pole position for the majority of the race.

Mark Slate, one of WTB's founders and current owners, shuttled racers about the country in the Team Vehicle, his own highly modified 1969 Pontiac LeMans, more or less a GTO after he'd had his way with it.  Team WTB members gave Slate direct feedback on parts and WTB product evolved quickly as a result.  This still happens today.

Joey Peterson, at age 29 residing in Stinson Beach, CA, really putting the work in - great shot of the Ground Control tire.  Joey Peterson took 10th place.

WTB SunTour racers in the top 10 were: Roy Rivers in 2nd, Casey Kunselman in 4th, Todd DeAngelis in 8th, Joey Peterson in 10th, and then another member of the family of honorable mention was Robert Stewart in 14th.

Full results can be found on Charlie Kelly's website, quite possibly one of the most fun websites to become lost in, full race results HERE

WTB has a long history of direct racer feedback in product development.

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