8th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep December 7th - BLAO!

19 November, 2013

Thanksgiving is almost here.  For some, this means too much turkey, apparently too much tryptophan, and sleepy time ensues.  Those not interested in eating Big Bird can probably find their own tryptophan supplements at this point - not here to argue the validity of the myth.  For others still, and those local, it can mean storming Pine Mountain's fire roads in a horde of epic and historic proportions as part of the Turkey Day Ride, one of the older and larger rides in Marin County departing from Fairfax, CA.

Regardless of individual plans, on a greater scale, it usually involves the three Fs - food, friends, and family, not necessarily in that order.  One thing that make this Thanksgiving particularly important is the reduction of SNAP.

SNAP, not like Biz Markie said in Just A Friend, "Oh SNAP, guess what I saw...." stands for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.  Why not make things more complicated, enjoy acronymnisia - SNAP really means food stamps.  Whether you agree with food stamps or not, as of November 1st, food stamps were reduced significantly.  Want to help?  Enter the 8th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep, pictured above.  It's a bike race that directly benefits San Francisco and Marin food banks.  Racers zip around San Francisco gathering as much food as possible from supermarkets and the food is then donated directly to the food banks.  Gather the most poundage, be pronounced victorious.  There's even a cargo class this year.

Like the sound of it but don't feel like cuttin' up the streets of San Francisco aboard your bike on Saturday December 7th?  Here's a link to DOLLARS FOR DINNERS where for every dollar raised, 4 meals are provided to those in need.

Lucky winners could find themselves aboard a lovely Freedom Econoline saddle, or a set of Thickslick Elite Urban Armor tires.  See http://supermarketstreetsweep.blogspot.com for more details.

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