FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – August 30, 2016 – Expanding upon the recently
introduced Ranger 27.5+/29+ tires for trail and bikepacking uses, WTB is officially
launching the first tubeless 26+ mountain bike tire at Eurobike. Similar to the 27.5+
retrofit concept introduced by WTB two years ago, the Ranger 26+ 2.8/3.0 tire is able to
sneak into the frames of many existing 27.5-inch trail bikes without any modification. In
recent years, 27.5” tires have taken over as the most prevalent tire size for riders looking to bridge the gap between fast rolling efficiency and playful nimbleness. Introducers and continual innovators of the plus-size tire concept, WTB designed the Ranger 26+ to provide trail riders high-volume benefits with the same outer diameter as traditional 27.5” tires.

Following the tread pattern of 27.5+ and 29+ versions of the Ranger 2.8/3.0 tire, the 26+ version features exposed outer lugs for traction in corners, while also allowing the tread to shed mud with ease. Pairing the outer knobs with a tight, supportive centerline tread pattern, the Ranger 26+ delivers a fast yet supple plus-size tire that excels in all
conditions, whether wet or dry, hardpack or loam. Multi-directional siping on each block
of tread increases the amount of working edges contacting the trail, providing added
traction without increasing the rolling resistance of the tire. The Ranger is WTB’s first
family of plus-size tires to be offering with TCS Tough casings and the Ranger 26+ will
continue this movement in both the 2.8 and 3.0 width. 

“The more trail hours we spent testing and pushing the limits of what plus-size tires are capable of, the more we realized that the overly weight-conscious casings of many current plus-size tires have been preventing adept riders from taking full advantage of the benefits provided by high-volume tires,” stated Evan Smith, WTB’s product designer.

“While riders at the beginner and intermediate levels of the sport will likely prefer the
reduced rotational weight of TCS Light versions, we found some aggressive riders having to over-inflate many plus-size tires to pressures that would negated the supple ride characteristics and increased footprint of high-volume tires. For riders who fully send it, the stouter casings of TCS Tough versions provide the added sidewall stability and protection needed to run ideal plus-size pressures in the 10-15 psi range.”
The Ranger 26+ is available in three different levels for each of the 2.8” and 3.0” widths.

Available levels are TCS Light: Fast Rolling, TCS Light: High Grip and TCS Tough:
Fast Rolling levels. The TCS Light: Fast Rolling level features our Dual Compound DNA Rubber, Lightweight Casing and TCS Aramid bead with an MSRP of $67.95. The TCS Light: High Grip level features our Gravity DNA Rubber, Lightweight Casing and TCS Aramid bead with an MSRP of $67.95. Providing a thicker casing for increased sidewall stability and protection, the TCS Tough: Fast Rolling level features our Dual Compound DNA Rubber, Enduro Casing and TCS Aramid bead with an MSRP of $76.95. Pre-production samples of the Ranger 26” 2.8 TCS Light: Fast Rolling tire weigh 783 grams each. Various levels of each diameter and width in the WTB Ranger family are currently in stock at the WTB warehouse.

About TCS:
WTB’s proprietary sealant tubeless system, TCS (Tubeless Compatible System,)
revolutionized rims and tires in 2009 when combining ETRTO, ISO, and UST standards
with light tubeless rotational weights. Never before had a standards-based tubeless
system weighed so little. Certified as the first sealant-based tires for the UST system in
2012 by Mavic, TCS continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through
purpose-built tires and rims tailor-made for every discipline of cycling. Learn more
about what’s possible at

About WTB:
Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better
bicycle products. Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

WTB Launches First Tubeless 26+ Tire at Eurobike

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WTB Launches First Tubeless 26+ Tire at Eurobike

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