WTB Introduces Ranger 2.25 XC Tire

11 January, 2017


WTB Introduces Ranger 2.25 XC Tire for Damp-to-Wet Conditions

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – January 11, 2017 – WTB is proud to expand its cross-country lineup with the versatile Ranger 2.25 tire for damp-to-wet conditions, whether it be hammering away from a starting line or heading out on a local trail ride. While not publicly announced, the Ranger 2.25 tire made its race debut at the 2016 UCI World Championships in Nové Město, Czech Republic, in order to provide athletes with an all-conditions tire capable of any possible weather forecast. Proving their worth in the most elite arena of cross-country racing, they’re designed to be the ultimate damp-to-wet conditions tire for racers of any level.

Following the World Championships, 2016 WTB athlete and Team Canada Olympian Raphaël Gagné said, “I love the versatility of the Ranger 2.25 in medium-to-wet conditions. The higher volume makes it comfortable, resistant and my go-to tire for most medium-to-wet conditions. I rode it throughout the fall season on serious and muddy cross-country/enduro trails. The Ranger 2.25 is very puncture-resistant and pairs well with the supple rubber used on WTB TCS Light tires. Medium knobs in the center section allows for mud clearance, while faster rolling and taller side knobs provide all the needed control and confidence to push speed and enjoy the trails.”


Photo: Abner Kingman

“The Ranger 2.25 features an open tread block pattern that is designed to easily clear mud in adverse riding conditions,” stated Chris Feucht, WTB’s manager of new product development.  “What’s different about it [Ranger] though,” furthered Feucht, “is that the Ranger is still incredibly fast rolling despite its all-weather versatility and mud clearance.  We’ve achieved this by pairing down the height of the central knobs while still keeping them aggressively square shaped, then maintaining height on the extreme edges of the tire’s profile tread and ensuring support on those outer knobs.  What you end up with is a tire that is fast but can handle whatever conditions it’s confronted with – a true all-condition lightweight tire that is comfortable in both a cross country and trail setting.”

"The Ranger 2.25 is my go-to tire when conditions are unpredictable because the softer compound sticks to wet rocks and roots while smaller, widely-spaced knobs keep the tire free of mud yet still rolling fast on pavement and hard packed dirt,” stated Keegan Swenson, 2016 WTB athlete.

Preproduction samples of WTB Ranger 2.25 27.5” TCS Light Fast Rolling tires weigh 685 grams, while WTB Ranger 2.25 29” TCS Light Fast Rolling tires weigh 695 grams. All WTB Ranger 2.25 tires are constructed around WTB Lightweight Casing, while both available diameters are available in Fast Rolling and High Grip versions. Fast Rolling models of the WTB Ranger 2.25 feature Dual Compound DNA Rubber, which pairs tenacious 50a durometer side knobs to a fast-rolling 60a durometer centerline. High Grip models of the WTB Ranger 2.25 feature Gravity DNA Rubber, which provides supportive 60a durometer rubber from bead to bead, while the exposed tread utilizes a sticky 45a durometer compound for increased traction through a softer and more conforming contact patch. Two compound options provide racers, as well as daily trail riders, with the ability to place priority on additional traction or minimal rolling resistance, depending on the conditions.

Photo: Abner Kingman

All versions of the 27.5-inch WTB Ranger 2.25 are available at an MSRP of $67.95, while 29-inch models have an MSRP of $69.95. The full line of WTB Ranger 2.25 tires is currently in stock and shipping from WTB. 

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