WTB Launches New Website with User-Friendly Interface

09 May, 2013

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – May 8th, 2013 – WTB just launched its new website, signifying a shift to a more product-focused catalog intended to enhance users’ experience in discerning options. Additionally, WTB’s new site caters to mobile devices and features an e-commerce platform boasting better integration.


“Visitors are now able to easily access what had been previously imbedded deep within several levels of classification,” stated Justin Kirkwood, WTB’s Creative Director.  “Now if someone is looking for a 650b tire, it is easily accessible from a drop down menu.  From these results, one can quickly narrow further based upon usage – gravity, all mountain, cross country, you name it.”


WTB plans to build upon this format for future products.  As products are released, they are quickly integrated into categories already set in place from the site’s launch.  A streaming banner at the site’s home page broadcasts new additions for returning visitors while maintaining the same level of categorization for first timers searching their options.  “This is a platform equally at home on the sales floor of a local shop as on an end-consumer’s personal laptop,” said WTB’s sales manager, Michael Clifford.  “Within a couple clicks, a shop employee can quickly help a customer come to a decision on an appropriate product.  Versatility, ease of use, and a clean format are just a few of the new website’s assets.”


WTB’s revamped website will also be featuring a Buy Local Now button next to products, giving consumers the opportunity to check stock holdings from nearby shops, allowing for in-store pickup upon checkout.  This feature is intended to support local bike shops as well as bring consumer awareness to WTB dealers in their nearby surroundings.


To celebrate the launch WTB is offering a Mother’s Day weekend offer of 20% off all products from May 10-12th using the promo code “mothersday”.



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