Vitus First Tracks

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Team Name: Vitus First Tracks



Discipline/s: Enduro

Favourite WTB Product/s: Vigilante & Trail Boss / PadLoc Grips

When it comes to tyre choice, grip, puncture resistance and ultimately confidence is key. We found this throughout the WTB range for all the bikes we shred on from xc to enduro. The Vitus First Tracks Race Division is mainly an Enduro focused race team and our go to set up is a 2.5 vigilante at the business end with a 2.35 vigilante looking after the party in the rear. For ultimate control we opt for tough/high grip to make sure nothing spoils the show!

The other contact points get looked after by a volt saddle. Its slick looking and after hours on the trail I can still crack on in comfort! I think it's important when you find a saddle that works you simply stick with it. They have been on all my bikes for 3 years now and it's staying that way.

The padloc grip system have been looking after our hands. Once you get it set up those bad boys ain't moving. We like the feel of the thinline ones but recently have moved to the thicker grips to absorb some of those vibrations on the longer trails.

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