Lissa Breugelmans

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Name: Lissa Breugelmans

Location: (Literally) at the beautiful intersection of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Rider Type: Ambassador

Favorite: Horizon and Raddler tires

About Me: I am an ecologist working in sustainable forestry and nature conservation. I got into bikes because I loved how it enabled me to explore wild, mountainous areas in a faster pace then I was used to while backpacking - covering more ground, while still going slow enough to take in your surroundings. The idea of traversing challenging environments in a self-sufficient way has always appealed to me, but I love the thrills added by doing it by bike. I believe 47mm is perfectly adequate to ride almost anything and I don't mind the occasional hike-a-bike B) Although I originally signed up for bikepacking races only because the jawdropping landscapes and the challenge lured me in, I have been feeling increasingly annoyed by my moderate speed and a goal for the next years is definitely to put some serious training miles in and get stronger.

Social Media: Instagram 

Riding WTB Since.....traversing the Alps with 47mm Horizons over all kinds of rough stuff in 2017.. never looked back!

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