Jack Hewitt

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Name: Jack Hewitt

Location: White Salmon, WA - Columbia River Gorge

Rider Type: Ambassador

Favorite WTB Product: Ranger 29 x 3.0 chubby boys for all my bikepacking endeavors , Raddler 700 x 44 for gravel/everything else, Titanium Volt saddle

About Me: A few sentences about me... I always forget to turn on Strava haha. Experience over stats and performance. I run a gravel-bike gang with my buds, based in Portland (Oregon), we call it Skid Lizards. We're in the skid business, and business is boomin'. Our mantra is Slow Down Fast. Get it?? Lock that back wheel up and let it slide. You'll stay young forever. It's become all about bags on bikes for me. I'm pretty obsessed with bikepacking. Everything about it, the bags, the bikes, route planning, self-sufficiency, the community, it's the best scene there is. Looking forward to more travel and trails in 2021. Thank you WTB for the support.

Social Media: Instagram 

Riding WTB Since 2017

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