Ibis Cycles Enduro Team

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Name: Ibis Cycles Enduro Team

Location: Åre, Sweden

Discipline: Enduro 

Rider Type: Racers 

Favorite WTB Product: The Silverado seat has been amazing for big days on the bike.

About Me: The Ibis Cycles Enduro team Consists of Raphaela Richter, Zakarias Johansen, Cole Lucas and is being janitored by me- Robin Wallner. One great achievement from last season for our team was having Zakarias on the podium for the first time, hopefully more of those soon. Fun facts- Zakka has OCD, Cole is a loose Kiwi, when they share rooms, worlds collide. If you scroll our team IG account you will find that Cole and Zakka runs the polar opposite order of their stuff, they still get along very well tho. We look forward to many good laughs, races and hopefully getting to travel a bit more freely again in 2022

Social Media: Instagram 

Riding WTB Since: 2021

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