CTM Racing Team

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Team Name: CTM Racing Team

Members: Martin Knapec, Denis Kohut, Oliver Gombala, Ondrej Stepanek, Filip Zeman, Timotej Scepko, Vilma Gombalova, Rado Kohut

Location: Slovakia

Discipline/s: ENDURO, DOWNHILL

Favourite WTB Product/s: Silverado Saddle, HighTail Saddle, Vigilante and Verdict Tire

About Us: History of CTM Racing Team has began in 2006. Current name of the team was given by its main sponsor which is a brand CTM Bicycles. CTM Racing team is the most successful team in the Slovak Republic. Our team riders belong to the European top. Main focuses are still Racing at European and World venues and be part of TOP riders in Enduro and Downhill.

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