Amanda Schaper

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Amanda Schaper 
I am a self-employed marketing and events contractor in the cycling and outdoor industries. One of my current roles is Event Director for Grinduro California in Mt. Shasta! 
Riding disciplines: 
Semipro Tandem Stoker. Gravel. XC. Cyclocross. MTB Fun. Overnighters. Grocery Getting. Sunset Chasing.  
Love me some curly bars and my 140mm mtb is my "big" bike. 
My favorite race is a tie between Downieville All Mountain and Grinduro. 
Favorite WTB Product and Why: 
Anything as long as its tan wall.. 
You're gonna make me choose just one?! The Nano 40 will always have a special place in my heart. To me, that tire represents adventure and good times. It's the only tire I use for "gravel" rides, and it feels right at home wherever I take it, from pavement to sketchy singletrack.   
How long you have ridden WTB: 
WTB has been the only rubber on my bikes since 2014. 
Fun Fact: 
During quarantine I've appreciated being able to reconnect with things I typically don't make time for because we're always traveling to bike events. I have been doing a lot more sewing and textile arts, along with learning a lot about woodworking and construction. I really enjoy making/building things with my hands, and doing more of that has been really rewarding.   
Piece of advice for riders that you have picked up:
Smiling makes you faster!  
Favorite place to ride:
It's hard to beat my backyard right here in Santa Cruz. Our trails are amazing, and the gravel rides around Big Basin Redwoods State Park are just dreamy. Most weekend rides end by grabbing a beer from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery on the way back and enjoying it along the coast just a few blocks from our house. 

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