It’s all in the name, ThickSlick. Made with a burly casing designed to withstand the roughest urban conditions, while the no-nonsense, slick design provides the bite you need in the concrete jungle. Need more rubber? The nearly indestructible Flat Guard level, with its Urban Armor Casing and added rubber...everywhere, provides optimal protection to contend with any city streets. It's no one wonder why this tire has a cult following among couriers, those not wanting to deal with flats, and value-conscious consumers. 

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Usage:  Urban, Recreation, Utility
Conditions:  Road


Puncture Protection:  The thicker a tire, the harder it is for glass, pins, staples, and other urban unpleasantries to worm their way in. 

2X the Rubber: Twice the rubber tread equates to twice the lifespan of a tire. This means your price is 50% off the competition. 

Smoother Ride Quality: Twice the rubber makes for a smoother ride through the natural absorption qualities of rubber. 

 Wheel Size Width Level Weight ETRTO Compatible Inner Rim Width Tire Size Designation
700c 23c Race 245g 13C - 17C 23-622
700c 23c Flat Guard TBD 13C - 17C 23-622
700c 23c Comp 372g 13C - 17C 23-622
700c 25c Race 260g 13C - 17C 25-622
700c 25c Flat Guard 487g 13C - 17C 25-622
700c  25c Comp 260g 13C - 17C 25-622
700c  25c Comp White 260g 13C - 17C 25-622
700c 28c Flat Guard 490g 15C - 19C 28-622
700c 28c Comp 467g 15C - 19C


26" 2.0" Flat Guard TBA 17C - 27C


26" 2.0" Comp 620g 17C - 27C


27.5" 1.95" Comp TBA 17C - 27C


29" 2.1" Flat Guard TBA 17C - 29C


29" 2.1" Comp 786g 17C - 29C