Asym rims use an asymmetrical design to create a rim that evenly distributes tension, doesn’t require dishing, and makes for a faster wheel assembly. High end WT69 Alloy and an open cavity design keep Asym weights down while eyelets prolong longevity and prevent binding. Featuring a full TCS inner rim profile, Asym rims provide a lightweight, higher performance value-driven option that works exceptionally well with wheel building machines. 

i29, i35


REVIEWS: Blister Gear Review

USAGE:  Cross Country/ All Mountain/ Enduro

Wheel Size ERD Weight Rim Size Designation Hole Count / Spoke Hole Offset Technology
26" - i35 538 TBA 559x35c 32 / 4.5mm
27.5" - i29 563 538g 584x29c 32 / 4.5mm
27.5" - i35 563 570g 584x35c 32 / 4.5mm
29" - i29 599 583g 622x29c 32 / 4.5mm
29" - i35 599 612g 622x35c 32 / 4.5mm


Asym i29 Review with Mark Weir from WTB on Vimeo.


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